Chairman’s Message

Chairman's Message

By our Mission, we are, inter alia, making our humble contribution towards facilitating and enhancing global competitiveness of organizations through providing Education & leader quality with knowledge, skills and human and social orientation.

From a beginning in 2005, Vidhik Shaikshanik Sansthan (VSS) has now grown into a fully integrated Educational Institute. The guiding philosophy of the institute being to create knowledge, influence practice and integrate globally.

The objectives of imparting educational skills, combined with creation, dissemination and application of knowledge, are being met in an integrated form, to create a synergetic impact. To do this, they require keen perception, flexibility and the ability to merge educational theories into action plans. Today’s Educational practitioners must be comfortable with the latest technology and be sensitive to the importance of ethical and human values. The teaching aids include interactive sessions, case studies guest lectures, workshops, seminars, presentations, etc. these approaches help them in providing over all development and give them the real life situation of the educational world.

We have large number of visiting and guest faculty, highly qualified, experienced and dedicated full-time faculty members, auditorium, high speed connectivity, networked computer labs, sports and library facilities. The location of our campus is very scenic. It is located at the city of Bhopal. The architecture style of buildings at the campus is a wonderful combination of ethnic and modern, fully sensitive to environment as well as physically challenged individuals. Our young team has a commitment to excellence, a willingness, to work hard and to do anything that they do as well as possible.
Through the effort of whole people: the patrons, the trustees, the advisors and the staff of VSS, we strive to build a reputation for competence, standards and integrity with a sense of responsibility to our society.