Principal Message

Principal Message

Dear Students,

India had been facing the talent crunch in terms of quantity and quality, with updated, dynamic and time-relevant syllabus in educational courses, since last few decades. It was felt that India needs to produce more updated educational experts in this field, who are globally employable. To fill-up this gap, the visionary of Vidhik Shaikshanik Sansthan had come up with a combined determination of vertical as well as horizontal educational needs.
I am proud to be getting associated with such a visionary and to the Institution of the Bhopal, the Vidhik Shaikshanik Sansthan a Social and Technical Change Agent, I have noticed that, these so called Change agents are not only contributing to our own country but also to the entire Generation.

I am fortunate enough to become a part of Vidhik Shaikshanik Sansthan, who had already conceived about the requirement of this kind of manpower long back, VSS has already reached to a matured, Academic oriented with full social concerned Institute and has further opportunity to ensure that a diverse range of academics, administrative support functions are aligned with current and expected future directions.

I hope, with support and cooperation from all the stake holders, we will be able to continue to maintain the quality in academics and will aim to enrich the academics with new dimensions.

Best Wishes