Principal Desk

Welcome to the Best Education College of the Bhopal, Bhopal is the capital of Madhya Pradesh situated in the heart of India.

21st Century has brought new hopes and new exceptions. It is imperative that we appreciate the world around us which is changing rapidly, throwing upon the great challenge and innumerable opportunities. Driven by the glowing trend of globalization, the revolutionary developments in Sciences and Technology and the emergence of the Computer, e-mail, Website and Internet era, we are witnessing phenomenal changes in the world of technology.


In the emerging scenario, techno craft in the field of Sciences, Finances, Art and Information Technology will be operating in a totally new scientific landscape of gene, atoms and electrons. This institute is busy with rich circle of academic atmosphere with immense stream of all-round activities of these fields, leading to shape a real Citizen.

I invite the youths, who will share our vision to promote the goals and purpose to join hands in our efforts to build a new cadre of techno craft, who will accelerate the growth in the internet era. Come! Let us build a prosperous new world together. May your generation transform this world into propose and peaceful place.

Our Faculty